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Creating Value in Smaller Companies

Quarry Capital Management is a private investment firm that specializes in providing capital and/or advisory services to lower middle market companies.  Quarry Capital prefers to take an active role in its investments, targeting companies that will benefit from operational, data management and analytics expertise.  We provide strategic management assistance and training to employees and executives with the goal of achieving operational improvements.  Quarry Capital's team consists of experienced private equity professionals, operating executives, and data/analytics specialists with expertise in driving top-line and bottom-line growth.

We seek to partner with company management and/or work with retiring owners to achieve a smooth transition for the company.  We help to achieve outstanding results by focusing on operational performance and fact-driven solutions.


Quarry Capital brings operational expertise to each investment opportunity.  Our experts work with existing management to help with operational initiatives and target opportunities for revenue growth while helping to improve the bottom line, especially during a downturn in the economy. 


Helping Portfolio Companies Grow


Add-on Companies 


Acquiring new companies can be a quick way to  grow sales, but it can also lead to headaches such as IT systems incompatibility issues, product mix issues and corporate culture clashes. Our team of experts is experienced in navigating the challenges associated with finding, financing and integrating acquisitions.


Organic Revenue Growth  


We deploy proprietary software developed through our sister company, Granite Analytics, to help analyze customers and products.  In doing so, we identify key opportunities for organic revenue growth and put tools in the hands of the salesforce to help aggressively pursue those opportunities.  We also use our access to powerful contact databases, driven by industry codes, to generate actionable leads in geographic locations best suited for sales growth.


Margin Enhancement 


Our proprietary software from Granite Analytics also helps drive customer loyalty and optimize pricing, which are both critical for maintaining healthy margins. Moreover, we consistently evaluate and communicate the effectiveness of products and suppliers, using analytics to identify opportunities to improve our supply chain and enhance margins.

Optimizing Operations  


Improving operations is a continuous process.  However, we often find that a few analytically driven changes make a big difference in output.  Examples include optimizing scheduling, using software to predict surges in demand, and implementation of lean manufacturing practices.


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